New Economics Briefing: Building a caring economy

Join Ann Pettifor, Zubaida Haque, Neal Lawson and Sarah Arnold for this joint briefing with Women's Budget Group

Watch our online call with Ann Pettifor, Director, PRIME, and NEF Fellow, Dr Zubaida Haque, Former Interim Director, Runnymede Trust, Neal Lawson, Executive Director, Compass, and Sarah Arnold, Senior Economist, NEF.

We sit on the precipice of a second wave of Coronavirus, which looks set to deepen an already brutal recession. There can be no going back to business as usual. We need a recovery that puts care at the heart of the economy — valuing both paid and unpaid care, investing in social infrastructure, and putting the wellbeing of individuals, communities and the planet first.

NEF and the UK Women’s Budget Group co-host a special briefing to mark the publication of the Commission on a Gender-Equal Economy’s final report.

Links mentioned in the briefing:

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