The Case for a Four Day Week: Book Launch

Join NEF alongside an international line up of speakers for the launch of The Case for a Four Day Week

Watch our online call with: Anna Coote, Principal Fellow, NEF; Aidan Harper, Researcher, NEF; Alfie Stirling, Director of Research and Chief Economist, NEF; Rep. Rasheen Aldridge Jr, State Representative of the 78th District of St Louis, Missouri; Katja Kipping, Co-Chairperson, Die Linke; Grace Blakeley, Economist and Author; Ian Waddell, General Secretary, CSEU.

Shorter working time should be at the heart of our economic recovery from coronavirus — but how do we actually get there? What would a transition to shorter working time look like in practice? And what lessons can we draw from efforts to shorten working time around the world?

Join NEF alongside an international line-up of speakers to celebrate the book launch of The Case for a Four Day Week. In the book, NEF’s own Anna Coote, Aidan Harper and Alfie Stirling argue the social, environmental and economic benefits of reduced working time, and lay out a roadmap for transitioning to shorter working hours that safeguards earnings of the lowest paid, whilst keeping the economy flourishing.

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