New Economics Podcast: How we can all have a home

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith is joined by Vicky Spratt and Kieran Yates

You can’t paint your walls, you can’t have a pet, you can’t guarantee you’ll have somewhere to live in six months time. Millions of us are paying sky-high rents but struggling to make a home in a housing system where safety and security takes second place to landlords’ profits.

Some private tenants face mould and broken boilers but daren’t complain. According to Shelter, complaining to your landlord about conditions in your home more than doubles your chance of being evicted.

How did private renting become so prevalent? Why are the rights of tenants so weak? And what does this mean for our ability to make a home?

Ayeisha is joined by Vicky Spratt, housing correspondent at the i and author of Tenants, and Kieran Yates, journalist and author of the upcoming All the houses I’ve ever lived in.

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