Housing and land

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How much do you need to earn to buy a home in the UK?

Hanna Wheatley spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO

Could Berlin-style rent controls work in the UK?

Hanna Wheatley for Wake Up to Money on BBC 5 Live

What can we learn from Berlin’s five-year rent freeze?

Hanna Wheatley on BBC World Service

Who is really benefitting from the Help-to-Buy Scheme?

Hanna Wheatley on BBC Radio London

Public land could be key to solving the housing crisis

By selling off public land to the highest bidder, the Government is missing an opportunity to build the homes we need

Labour land reforms: our Head of Housing & Land responds

Land is essential to properly understanding our broken economy.

Houses built on NHS land sold for up to 9.6 times the average nurse’s salary

Of the planned homes to be built for sale on NHS land, 67% will be unaffordable to a nurse on an average salary

Still no homes for nurses

How NHS land is being sold off the build unaffordable homes

Money laundering, offshore ownership and London’s housing crisis

Hanna Wheatley on talkRADIO

The law is failing renters – time to unionise

NEF are backing the growing renters’ movement - here's why

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