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Working together for a just transition

Delivering good green jobs in the UK

Landing the blame

Uncovering the EU member states most responsible for setting fishing quotas above scientific advice

Stalling productivity and high working hours shows the economy not working for many

New Economics Foundation react to today’s ONS stats

Measuring the value of traditional retail markets

Towards a holistic approach

Take responsibility for your own health”: naivety or convenient excuse?

Asking people to eat more broccoli won’t change the UK’s health inequalities.

Five reasons why NEF supports the 4 Day Week Campaign

Reducing the hours we work can help future-proof the economy and the environment.

Glasgow strike shines light on hidden work

Society cannot function without the essential work that women do

Watch: Fishing after Brexit: voices from the coast

The majority of the UK fleet is small-scale, but their desires are rarely heard

Beyond helicopter money: ending the fiscal-monetary tug-o-war

A historical review of fiscal-monetary coordination to support economic growth in the 20th century

£3.5bn real terms cuts to unprotected budgets after 2020

Analysis from the New Economics Foundation shows that unprotected budgets will still face cuts after 2020 despite austerity “coming to an end”

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