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Algorithms of Oppression, 15 April

Discussion with Safiya Umoja Noble about how search engines reinforce racism

NEF in the news, April 2019

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

Why gender pay inequality is a structural issue

Alice Martin responds to gender pay gap figures

Why the four-day week could help solve Britain’s inequality problem

Aidan Harper writes for The Guardian

A Green New Deal

Why a UK Green New Deal is What PostBrexit Britain Needs

The fight for shorter working hours

We’re facing a number of crises in our workplace – reducing working hours is part of the solution

Government attempts to live within its means’ encourages UK households living beyond theirs

NEF analysis of the latest stats reveal another hidden cost of austerity

One year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we need to beef up responsibility for algorithms

We have choices about the digital future that we want.

Why not spend a little more?

Building a green economy will cost money. Where do we start?

Good Green Jobs for All, 1 April

Discussing a just transition to a green jobs revolution with Rebecca Long-Bailey, Caroline Lucas and more

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