Measuring Real Value

A DIY guide to Social Return on Investment

Value driven organisations are using new ways to understand, measure and foster awareness of their impacts.

NEF’s innovative approach to social return on investment (SROI) places stakeholders – the people who matter – at the heart of the measurement process.

SROI shows how social and environmental outcomes translate into tangible monetary value, helping organisations and investors of all kinds to see a fuller picture of the benefits that flow from their investment of time, money and other resources. This investment can then be seen in terms of the return’ or the value created for individuals, communities, society or the environment.

This is a powerful new way of viewing impact. It enables those who invest in, and have a stake in, social change to thoughtfully weigh which resources they use.

This guide sets the standard for a complete and rigorous SROI process and report. This guide is designed for anyone with an interest in SROI, and is full of examples to make it as user-friendly as possible.

The material can get a little technical but remember that you can take the process as far as you want, depending on the depth of analysis you require. There is something for everyone in here, the beginner through to experts alike.

Although developed specifically for a third sector audience, much of the content will be equally applicable to public and private sector organisations that want to demonstrate their social impact.



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