NEF in the News

Parent-led childcare, wage growth, insecure work and the case for a shorter working week have all attracted media attention.

Our work on a shorter working week was back in the news — NEF’s social policy expert, Sarah Lyall, spoke to BBC Radio and the Economist. Sarah made the case that fewer working hours can lead to increased productivity.

Affordable, parent-led childcare is already a reality at some British nurseries. NEF’s Lucie Stephens explained how we can take our pilot schemes wider in a BBC World feature, emphasising the need for parents to take control over their childcare provision to make it work for them in a modern context. For more insight into the idea, watch this BBC video here.

This time last week our senior economist Stephen Devlin took to Sky News to argue why wage growth must be a government priority. We have had the worst streak of wage growth for literally hundreds of years,” he emphasised. People are going to really struggle.”

How do we solve the crisis of control in our labour market? Alice Martin explains what employees should be demanding in an article for OpenDemocracyThe speed of change in the workplace feels disorientating,” Alice says, but it is part of longer term trends that – scary as they are – present opportunities for us to shape what emerges.” 

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