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NEF announcement: CEO Marc Stears is moving on

A message from the Chair of our Board of Trustees, Tess Gill.

I regret to announce that Marc Stears will be leaving the New Economics Foundation in the autumn. Marc has been our chief executive since January 2016. He is now moving to Australia with his family where he will be taking up a Professorial Fellowship.

Marc has overseen a very successful re-organisation and relaunch, leaving us in a strong financial position and with an exciting and innovative fully funded work programme. We are grateful for the exceptional hard work and effort which achieved this outcome. We wish him and his family well.

Marc says:

A huge thanks to everyone at NEF and their exciting new projects – from plans for coastal communities to helping precarious workers organise.

We will only build a better future when people are really in control – that truth has been revealed in every powerful NEF endeavour.”

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