NEF in the news, October 2017

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

Week beginning 15 October 2017

  • Our report on the growing divide between cities and towns was covered in the ObserverDaily MailHuffington PostPolitics Home and a range of regional newspapers.
  • Report co-author Will Brett also set out our manifesto for towns’ in the Huffington Post. He appeared on the BBC Sunday Politics to discuss the report, and Sky News ran a special Sunday feature on the research.
  • NEF’s Griffin Carpenter’s letter to the Times outlined the case for setting sustainable fishing quotas based on scientific research.
  • Stefan Baskerville, NEF’s Principal Director of Unions & Business, discussed the week’s news with BBC Radio Londons Simon Lederman.
  • And in the Independent NEF researcher Aidan Harper reported on the Royal Mail workers fighting for better conditions including a shorter working week.

Week beginning 8 October 2017

Want to build more homes, Theresa May? Then stop selling off public land
Official government policy is to make a quick buck by selling public land to private developers. It’s no way to fix the housing crisis, writes Alice Martin in the Guardian.
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Brussels, fishermen and waters muddied still further by Brexit
Our work with coastal communities featured in The Times.
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Social care: a hidden engine’ for economic growth
Social care doesn’t have to be in crisis. Our recent report, covered in the Guardian, showed how a troubled sector could be a real driver of local economic success.
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Fortnight beginning 24 September 2017

Khan’s Cars: A driver-owned replacement for Uber in London.
This can work.” Next City covers our plan for a mutually-owned, publicly-regulated alternative to Uber.
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NEF’s Andrew Pendleton, Principal Director for Policy and Advocacy, appeared on Sky News twice this week.
In his first appearance, he discussed the credit card cap proposed by the Shadow Chancellor this week.

Andrew’s second appearance featured him debating Transport for London’s decision to strip Uber of its operating licence.

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