NEF in the news, May 2018

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

Capitalism needs a purpose
The biggest problem with capitalism is a dependency on increased spending, writes Alfie Stirling for International Politics and Society

Fishing waters patrols after Brexit dismissed as posturing’
Chris Williams spoke to the Financial Times about the dramatic cost of proposals to patrol 200 nautical miles of ocean.

Health as a social movement
NHS England covered our new report which explores what big organisations like the NHS have to learn from social movements. Read more

Sainsbury’s merger with Asda could put 2,500 jobs at risk
Our latest analysis, showing the risks Sainsbury’s merger with Asda poses to small suppliers, was covered widely, including in The Sun, The Times, The Independent, and iNews.

Why we should measure misery to focus on improving the nation’s wellbeing
Gus O’Donnell wrote in The Times about our work with the ONS to measure wellbeing inequality.

Network Rail’s Reckless Chainsaw Massacre
Andrew Pendleton wrote for Huffington Post about Network Rail’s secretive tree-felling policy, and calls for the public land it owns to be used for the public interest.

Lower levels of life satisfaction reported in Wales
The Mail Online covered the release of our work with the ONS, showing the differences in levels of wellbeing and life satisfaction across the UK.

Stress and anxiety-related hospital admissions costing £70 million a year”
Our work showing the high cost of stress and anxiety on our NHS was covered widely, included on ITV​.com.

Why the Sainsbury’s‑Asda merger is bad news for everyone
Our recent research showing the merger could lead to up to 2,500 job losses was covered in OpenDemocracy UK

Campaigners call for businesses based in historic railway arches to be spared massive rent rises
The Guardians of the Arches campaign, which is urging transport bosses to halt the sale of historic railway arches, was covered in The Mirror.

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