NEF in the news, February 2019

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

Historically a haven for affordable workspace”
Leni Jones from Guardians of the Arches spoke to BBC Breakfast about the takeover of the railway arches by Telereal Trillium. The programme cited NEF research about the value of the arches.

Machines should liberate us from work, not subject us to ever-increasing inequality.”
NEF’s Aidan Harper — joint author of a new report on working time from Autonomy and the 4 Day Week Campaign — argued that the the proceeds of automation should be shared amongst us, in Gizmodo.

Universal Credit is not delivering on the work incentives that it set out to do”
Alfie Stirling dismantles what’s wrong with Universal Credit, on Sky News.

There is little incentive to limit discarding”
Griffin Carpenter spoke to The Guardian about a lack of compliance with the EU ban on discarding fish.

Austerity is subduing UK economy by more than £3,600 per household this year
Our latest research
showing the impact of austerity on the UK economy was covered in The Guardian, The Independent, Bloomberg, and more. Read Alfie Stirling’s piece for Left Foot Forward here.

The Honda closure and the weakness in the British economy
There has been a marked failure to make the UK fit for purpose in a world of rapid emissions cuts, writes Alice Martin for New Statesman

Young people like Jess need the safety net. But austerity has destroyed it.
Frances Ryan referenced our latest research that put a figure on the cost of austerity, in the Guardian.

We need a political party that is tough on the causes of Brexit
Simon Wren-Lewis also referenced NEF’s austerity research, for the New Statesman.

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