NEF in the news, April 2019

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

You can’t leave people freewheeling at the side of a policy”
David Powell spoke to Wired about the opposition to new environmental politics by London’s black-cab and Uber drivers.

Jobs typically done by more women than men have fewer opportunities to band together for more pay”
Alice Martin spoke to BBC News about the persistence of the gender pay gap.

The fight for shorter working hours
Aidan Harper wrote about how the four-day week could solve Britain’s inequality problem in the Guardian.

London should clear up its air pollution — but it must ensure the right people pay
Becki Winson wrote about London’s new ultra low emission zone, for CityMetric.

Is HS2 going to be scrapped?
Andrew Pendleton discussed findings from recent report on HS2 for the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme.

A four-day week would make people happier, healthier and emit less carbon
NEF’s research on a shorter working week was mentioned in an article by the Evening Standard

Short-notice evictions face axe in tenant rights victory
Heather Kennedy was quoted in the Guardian on the government’s announcement of plans to repeal section 21

Mark Carney tells global banks they cannot ignore climate change dangers
Frank van Lerven’s response was included in Guardian coverage of Mark Carney’s warning to the financial sector over global warming.

Should we rethink our working hours to boost productivity?
Aidan Harper told Personnel Today that organisations that have adopted a four-day week have seen sick leave decrease, well being improve and productivity increase.

What can individuals do to help the environment?
In light of the Extinction Rebellion protests, David Powell answers questions from the public on the environment for Eddie Mair’s LBC show.

Four day week and higher minimum wage could solve UK’s productivity crisis
New modelling showing the poorest 50% of households could see 13% boost in income by 2030 with 4‑day week and higher minimum wage was covered in the Mirror.

Expert says we should get three-day weekends all the time
The research on tackling the productivity puzzle was also covered in LADbible and UNILAD.

In the Shadow of Kinder Scout
Andrew Pendleton called for radical land reform in his piece for Tribune on the 87th anniversary of the Kinder Scout trespass.

How could a 4‑day week boost the economy?
Alfie Stirling spoke to Toby Tarrant for the Chris Moyles show on Radio X about why every week should be a 4‑day week.

To end austerity”, Britain must become more, not less, European
NEF’s findings that austerity has suppressed the economy by almost £100b was mentioned in Harry Quilter-Pinner’s piece for New Statesman.

Local government finance reform must ensure no place is left behind -
Sarah Arnold called for government to provide sufficient funding to places according to need in a piece for Public Sector Focus.

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