NEF At Brainchild: A Future Without Work

Participatory workshop at Brainchild Festival

What would it mean to have a future without work?

Work dominates our lives. It impacts on our ability to spend time with loved ones, engage in projects that we care about, and realise our creative potential. What’s more, the excessive amount we work is contributing to structural inequality and environmental ruin.

But with changing technology and a growing movement of trade unions and campaigns arguing for reducing working hours, change could be just around the corner.

NEF is very excited to be running a participatory workshop at Brainchild Festival exploring the effect that work has on our lives.

What can we do to build a better future, one where we all work less? What can the experience of being at a festival teach us about our relationship to work? How can the demand to reduce working time help the left develop a new politics — one based on freedom, collectivism, and creativity?

Have a look at Brainchild’s website for more information about how to get tickets.

Image: Mauro Mora on Unsplash

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