NEF at the World Transformed

NEF will be organising three sessions at this year's TWT in Brighton, on 22 and 24 Sep.

At this year’s The World Transformed (TWT) in Brighton, NEF is organising three exciting participatory sessions. To attend the sessions you will need a ticket for TWT

— — –

Building radical childcare together

Sunday 22nd September 11am-12.30pm

Brighthelm Stanmer

Our nurseries have been the victims of neoliberalism. 17% of childcare settings in working class areas are closing and many more have to charge for additional extras’ like nappies and food. Nursery staff are some of the lowest paid workers society.

WIth the rise of for-profit nursery mega-chains like Busy Bees, decisions about the care of our kids are being made in remote overseas offices by bosses with backgrounds in finance.

But what if, in addition to demanding universal free childcare, we gave more power to parents, children and childcare workers to make decisions about their nurseries.

In this session, we will combine a fun craft activity for kids with breakout discussion groups for adults to collectively develop an alternative strategy for UK childcare that prioritizes community not capital. The activity will be open to children of all ages.


Miranda Hall: Researcher at NEF and organiser with Womens’ Strike UK

Lucie Stephens: Head of Co-production at NEF

Dr Helen Penn: Visiting professor of early childhood at the Institute of Education UCL

More speakers from Womens’ Strike UK TBC

— — –

Workers and the world: climate breakdown and worker solidarity

Tuesday 24th September 11am-12.30pm

Friends Meeting House — Lecture Room

This session is for climate activists looking to build common causes with workers who will be affected by the transition to a zero carbon economy. How do we ensure the move to zero emissions is done fairly? How can we ensure that those most affected by climate change are at the heart of the movement tackling it? Where are the fights happening now for green jobs, and where is solidarity needed?


Tahir Latif: Aviation worker and President of the Public Communication Services union (PCS) Aviation Group

Hazel Nolan: Regional Organiser with GMB.

Hannah Martin: Organiser with Green New Deal UK.

Dr Chris Shaw: Senior Researcher at Climate Outreach

Becki Winson (chair): Organiser at NEF 

— — –

Capitalism! The Treasure Hunt

Tuesday 24th September 2pm‑4.30pm

Outside in Brighton

What is financialised capitalism? Why is our economy run by rentiers who extract while we toil? Why can’t you afford a home? Explore these questions, and what the left can do to fight back, through a city-wide treasure hunt. Armed with a map, your team will get under the skin of late capitalism, solving clues and cracking codes while learning about the communities fighting back. If you’re brave of mind, and courageous of heart, join us — no knowledge or experience is required.


Hanna Wheatley: Researcher at the New Economics Foundation.

Joe Beswick: Head of Land and Housing at the New Economics Foundation

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