Land ownership: the greatest monopoly

Join NEF to hear about a radical agenda for land with George Monbiot

George Monbiot — Writer and Activist, Chair

Sian Berry - Co-leader of the Green Party

An author of the Land for the Many Report TBC

Toby Lloyd - Former Senior Advisor to the May Government

Hanna Wheatley — Researcher, New Economics Foundation

More speakers TBC

Choose any number of issues facing the UK today and you will find a route back to land. It underpins issues of housing, inequality, ownership, food, the climate emergency, and so much more.

A burgeoning movement for national land reform has brought the question of land to the fore of politics. But what would a radical agenda for land reform look like? What organisations are pushing for this change right now? How do we build on the momentum created by bold new proposals outlined in the recent Land for the Many report, which made national headlines?

Image: William Hook on Unsplash

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