NEF in the news, December 2019

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

How will climate change affect businesses and people’s finances?
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh appeared on BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire to talk about how climate change will affect everyone’s lives and the need for government investment in a Green New Deal.

Labour needs to change — but it mustn’t forget what it got right
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh wrote for the Guardian on how the Labour party can reconnect with voters, without abandoning the radical agenda for change it put forward in the 2019 General Election.

Public support for nationalisation increased while Jeremy Corbyn was Labour leader, poll finds
NEF CEO Maitta Fahnbulleh was quoted in an article for the Independent on the support amongst the public for a different set of solutions to the economic challenge we face. 

Half of council-owned farms have shut down, campaigners say as they call for rest to be protected
New research from NEF, CPRE, Shared Assets and Guy Shrubsole on the sell-off of county farmland was covered in the Telegraph, the Yorkshire Post and Farming UK.

The British Government is Fuelling Climate Disaster
Christiane Heisse, Elena Luciano Suastegui and Yasmina Yehia wrote for Tribune on the need for UK policymakers to take a global approach with global responsibilities if they want a green transition to be just.

The big political issues, party manifestos and spending plans
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh responded to the day’s comment pieces and cartoons on some of the big political issues, party manifestos and spending plans on Sky News

Low trust and high-carbon jobs 
David Powell wrote for BusinessGreen about the need to hard-wire social justice and climate radicalism into the machinery of government to achieve a just transition. 

Austerity, voting intentions and spending plans
NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh appeared on BBC 2 Politics Live.

Why the North needs a Green New Deal
David Powell wrote for Tribune about the need for the next government to show it’s serious about economic prosperity outside of London and is prepared to tackle the fallout from deindustrialisation.

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