NEF in the news, September 2022

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

People will starve and freeze’ if government U — turns on promise to increase benefits
Jeevun Sandher was in the Big Issue responding to news the government could U — turn on its promise to raise benefits in line with inflation next year.

The Tory attack on nature” will undermine UK security
Chaitanya Kumar was in the Newstatesman responding to government proposals on fracking, the exploitation of more North Sea oil and plans to scrap environmental protections. 

The mini-budget: What are the big changes and what do they mean?
On the mini-budget: Sam Tims was in the Metro; Jeevun Sandher was on Sky News (twice), Channel 4 and wrote for openDemocracy and the i; Alfie Stirling was in PoliticsHomethe Financial Times and on Good Morning Britain; Miatta was on Sky News, LBC, the Guardian Politics Weekly Podcast and in the Guardian; Frank van Lerven was in the Guardian live blog; NEF’s response was in the Metro, the Guardian and the Sunday Times.

Who is Kwasi Kwarteng, the UK’s first Black chancellor?
Jeevun Sandher was in Al Jazeera on the challenges facing the new chancellor.

To Cut the Giant Bills, Tax the Giant Profits
NEF’s proposal on tackling the energy crisis was covered in Tribune, Novara Mediathe Financial Times, openDemocracy, the Daily Mail, the Guardian (twice), Guardian opinion, on BBC News and LBC.

Does Liz Truss’s plan offer solutions to the UK’s energy crisis? Our panel’s verdict
Maitta was in the Guardian and on Sky News responding to the government’s energy strategy. 

How will the UK’s new PM tackle challenges at home and abroad?
Lydia Prieg was on Al Jazeera on how new prime minister Liz Truss should tackle the cost of living crisis.

Can Liz Truss show the leadership and strong moral compass needed to tackle the energy crisis?
NEF’s work with Friends of the Earth on how and council could address the energy crisis through housing retrofit was covered in the Independent

Will EU spending plans survive a tug of war with the ECB?
Frank va Lervern spoke to EUobserver on the ECB retreating into monetary austerity. 

A look inside the ECB’s climate strategy
A letter from 18 civil society groups including NEF and Positive Money calling on the central bank to sell the most climate-harmful assets was covered in the Financial Times.

New work and pensions secretary Chloe Smith has consistently voted to cut benefits
NEF was quoted in the Big Issue on the weakness of our social security system. 

How was Liz Truss’s first speech as prime minister? 
Chaitanya Kumar was in the Guardian on Liz Truss’ energy proposals. 

Gordon Brown calls for urgent action’ to boost universal credit as petition reaches 140,000
Sam Tims was in the Big Issue (twice) calling on the next prime minister to align social security to the cost of living while scrapping the benefit cap, two child limit and deductions from universal credit. 

Everything you need to know about the government’s cost of living support packages and when you’ll receive it
Miatta was in Stylist on the impact of the fuel duty cut on the poorest families.

Bank of England should offer cheap credit for green investment
NEF’s green credit guidance proposal was covered in Reuters and the Daily Mail

Jobs, debt and energy pose super challenge for Truss and Kwarteng
NEF research showing increasing the windfall tax could bring in £22bn for the new PM to put towards supporting families with soaring prices was covered in the Times.

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