NEF in the news, October 2022

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

Cost of living crisis: Stop the Squeeze calls for wealthiest to pay proper share’ of tax
The launch of the Stop the Squeeze campaign — supported by NEF — was covered in the Guardian.

How would Labour pay for its spending plans?
Lukasz Krebel was quoted in the New Statesman on land value tax.

Rookie nurses can’t afford clothes or food as they suffer £3,800 pay cut in 15 years
NEF’s analysis of household incomes was covered by the Daily Mirror.

What has gone wrong with the supply of new and affordable homes in London?
NEFs view on the housing crisis in London was covered in the Evening Standard.

The Guardian view on big finance: addicted to government handouts
NEF research and analysis featured in the Guardian’s editorial on the financial services sector.

No plan for when the energy price freeze ends
Jeevun Sandher was on Sky News talking about energy prices and NEF’s Great Homes Upgrade campaign.

The establishment is back at the controls. Remember what it did last time
NEF’s package of energy reforms was quoted in Open Democracy.

Can Hunt rebuild UK economy after Kwarteng?
Jeevun Sandher was on the Evening Standard’s Leader podcast to discuss the future of this government under Liz Truss. 

The British people have been made poorer by this chancellors anti-growth budget
Jeevun Sandher was on BBC news responding to the chancellors mini-budget.

Liz Truss’s economic plans are more anti-growth than those of her critics
NEF’s analysis of economic growth rates was in the Guardian.

Few have yet woken up to the full horror of Britain’s diminished situation
NEF research on interest rates was in the Telegraph

Five ways Kwasi Kwarteng can reduce UK debt
Frank van Lerven was quoted in the Financial Times (twice) on cutting the interest government pays to commercial banks.

The cost-of-living crisis is pushing disabled people into poverty
NEF analysis of social security payments was featured in the New Statesman (twice).

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