In the news, August 2023

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

Benefit Claimants Say Sanctions Make It Harder To Find Work
NEF research
on the use of conditionality and sanctions in the social security system was covered in PoliticsHome, the Independent, and the Daily Mail

Most voters think neither Conservatives nor Labour have a plan to fix cost of living crisis
Sam Tims spoke to i News about voters priorities ahead of the next election

They’re rising them too fast and too high
Dominic Caddick spoke to BBC News about why raising interest rates would be a mistake

Why we need a long-term plan for social housing
NEF research on local housing allowance a quoted in Inside Housing.

Banks have hiked mortgage rates at twice the level they’ve increased their interest payouts to savers
New NEF analysis on the tax free allowance was featured in the Daily Mail.

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