In the news, January 2024

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

The government has denied councils the powers they need
Abi O’Connor spoke to LBC News about what new funding for local councils will actually mean.

Borrowing and debt rules are made up by governments themselves
Dominic Caddick was on Novara to talk about how fiscal rules threaten our public services.

Davos is part of the problem
Danny Sriskandarajah spoke to LBC News about the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Chris Skidmore has lost confidence in this government
Chaitanya Kumar spoke to LBC News about the government’s decision to grant new oil and gas licences.

2 million more people could be claiming disability benefits by 2030 due to mental illness
Tom Pollard spoke to Times Radio about how we can better support people on disability benefits.

Rishi Sunak claims he’s going to cut taxes by tightening benefits. Here’s why it’ll backfire badly
Tom Pollard spoke to the Big Issue about the possibility of the government tightening social security to fund tax cuts.

Sunak’s huge economic bet ahead of an unusual election
Lydia Prieg was quoted in the Daily Telegraph on the possibility of a general election.

Natwest chair claims it’s not that difficult to buy a home
Alex Diner was on TalkTV to talk about the real reasons why people are struggling to buy a home.

Labour cuts green investment plan by 80pc but would raise windfall tax
Our response to Labour’s scrapping of their green prosperity plan was covered in the Guardian.

Insulating Britain’s draughty homes would save billions on bills – but UK government is failing
Our analysis showing the failures of government insulation programmes was covered in the Big Issue.

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