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New social settlement

Ensuring we all have the basics for a decent quality of life.

Friendly Families nursery, Deptford

Our economy has the wealth and resources to ensure that we can all enjoy a good quality of life.

But the people living in tents and doorways in our towns and cities are a shocking daily reminder of the inhumanity of political priorities that ignore our wellbeing. After decades of privatisation and liberalisation, austerity is the final nail in the coffin of the post-war social settlement. Only the NHS is left largely intact, but it is barely managing to take the strain of broken public services, a deeply flawed welfare system, and the proliferation of poor quality, insecure and low-paid work.

Public services are only half of the story. NEF is fighting for workers’ rights and for a shorter working week where people have time to spend with their families, fulfill caring roles and play an active role in their communities.

We need a new social settlement fit for the 21st century. NEF is working with trade unions, progressive businesses, academics, grassroots organisations, campaigners, women’s groups and those delivering services. Together we are developing a core of policies to get us there.

Photo: Friendly Families nursery, Deptford