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New website maps the UK’s emerging new economy

Change the Rules profiles inspiring local projects and the policies we need for change

We are the Unfair Debt Group

We are campaigning for a fairer and more compassionate system

New economics are the method: the goal is to change the world

One set of economic ideas has dominated for the past 40 years - but it's rapidly losing legitimacy.

Moving beyond Brexit: an agenda for national renewal

The vote to leave the EU should have been a wakeup call. Instead, we’re three years on and little has changed.

Updating the local authority funding gap

Local government austerity 2009/10 - 2024/25

Power and accountability in the digital economy

Data and big tech companies have more and more power. As the digital economy develops, we need to put people and society at the centre.

It’s time to decide our climate futures

There is a spectrum of possibilities open to us, from collectively decarbonising the economy to ecofascism and climate apartheid.

Netting zero

What does a just transition look like for our fishing industry?

Visions for a zero carbon economy from two generations of climate activists

Jamie Margolin and Ann Pettifor share their motivations for fighting climate chaos

Mass sell off of public land fails to deliver social housing

With the current programme coming to an end, the government’s mass sell-off of public land has failed to deliver social housing

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