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The race to slash red tape’ in post-Brexit Britain has begun. How can it be resisted?

Christiane Heisse and Emily Scurrah write for openDemocracy

Net out of jail free

There's a new game in town for climate delayers. It's called 'net zero'.

Sold-off public land is creating minuscule amounts of affordable housing

An opportunity of a lifetime is slipping through our fingers, unless public land is used to provide genuinely affordable homes

The case for universal basic services

A new book out this month sets out a plan for transforming public services.

Can a natural capital approach’ restore nature in the UK?

Doing more of the same is not going to bring about the transformation we need.

Budget setting in a climate emergency

The Scottish, Welsh and UK governments have all declared a climate emergency. But without money on table, this doesn't mean much.

Flybe’s near collapse should be a wakeup call for the government

Instead of cutting taxes on airlines, we should be using them to fight the climate crisis.

Lab-grown food: We need a just transition, not a tech-led disruption

Where are the farmers in ‘farm-free’ food?

Low trust and high-carbon jobs

After years of neglect, how can the industrial heartlands believe in government plans for change?

How a land value tax can pull local authorities out of crisis

Replacing business rates with land value tax could save small businesses money, and undo some of the cuts to local authorities.

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