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The Bank of England can lead in the fight against climate change

60 academics are calling on the Bank to become the first European central bank to decarbonise its monetary operations

Take responsibility for your own health”: naivety or convenient excuse?

Asking people to eat more broccoli won’t change the UK’s health inequalities.

Five reasons why NEF supports the 4 Day Week Campaign

Reducing the hours we work can help future-proof the economy and the environment.

Glasgow strike shines light on hidden work

Society cannot function without the essential work that women do

A wait and see’ Budget, when we need an economic reboot

NEF response to today’s Budget

A government is not a household

Claims of ending austerity ring hollow, until we do away the ‘household fallacy’

Residents fight to save public land

NEF is supporting campaigns to save public land – tell us about yours

The government is forcing fracking on communities who have rejected it

Nothing says ‘Green GB Week’ like the start of a whole new fossil fuel industry.

Get rich or die trying: the case for a new politics of time

Is free time a better measure of economic success than GDP?

Theresa May’s promise to end austerity is empty

NEF projections show squeeze set to continue

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