Aidan Harper


Aidan has worked on a number of projects within social policy, and the world of work. This includes an evaluation of the relationship between health inequalities and community control, exploring the idea of consumer debt write-off, wellbeing and the future of work, reducing the working week, and exploring new ideas for participatory democracy.

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What if… we worked less?

Aidan Harper writes for New Internationalist

It’s Time to Shorten the Working Week

Alice Martin, Aidan Harper and Margaret Welsh write for Tribune

Why the Green New Deal should include a four-day week

Aidan Harper writes for CityMetric

Why the four-day week could help solve Britain’s inequality problem

Aidan Harper writes for The Guardian

The fight for shorter working hours

We’re facing a number of crises in our workplace – reducing working hours is part of the solution

Unions fight new forms of exploitation with new ways of organising

For the first time in UK history, a coalition of four unions have come together in a day of action against outsourcing

Achieving a shorter working week in the UK

The case for a shorter working week

Our fetishisation of overwork Is harming us and the economy

Aidan Harper writes for Huffington Post

Stalling productivity and high working hours shows the economy not working for many

New Economics Foundation react to today’s ONS stats

Five reasons why NEF supports the 4 Day Week Campaign

Reducing the hours we work can help future-proof the economy and the environment.

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