Alfie Stirling

Head of Economics

Alfie is Head of Economics at the New Economics Foundation. He leads the foundation's work on fiscal policy, monetary policy and social security reform. In addition to these core interests, Alfie has published work across a number of different areas, including finance, labour market reform, industrial strategy and family policy. Prior to joining NEF, Alfie worked as a senior economist at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), leading their macroeconomic policy research for the Commission on Economic Justice and managing the development of the IPPR tax and benefit micro simulation model. Alfie is a regular contributor in the media through TV, radio and print.

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What could a future UK-EU trade deal look like?

Alfie Stirling on BBC Radio London

We must fight the next recession by investing in a green future

Frank Van Lerven and Alfie Stirling write for openDemocracy

How does our obsession with GDP incentivise activity like that of the Betfred Tycoons?

Alfie Stirling on talkRADIO

Should the government have saved Flybe by deferring the flight tax bill?

Alfie Stirling on LBC

Recession Ready

A green plan to beat tomorrow’s downturn.

What spending plans can we expect to see in the 2020 Budget?

Alfie Stirling on talkRADIO

How a land value tax can pull local authorities out of crisis

Replacing business rates with land value tax could save small businesses money, and undo some of the cuts to local authorities.

When it comes to economics, there is no infallible voice of authority

Alfie Stiring writes for OpenDemocracy.

What cost the Earth?

Alfie Stirling and Mathew Lawrence write for OpenDemocracy

What could the impact of scrapping the Marriage Tax Allowance be?

Alfie Stirling on LBC

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