Alfie Stirling

Head of Economics

Alfie joined NEF in April 2018 to head up our work on macroeconomics, including monetary policy, fiscal policy and social security. In addition to these core interests, Alfie has published work across a number of different areas, including finance, labour market reform, industrial strategy and family policy. Prior to joining NEF, Alfie worked as a senior economist at the Institute for Public Policy Research, leading their macroeconomic policy research for the Commission on Economist Justice. Alfie is a regular commentator in the media, including TV, radio and in print.

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GDP per head today is still £128 below 2008 levels

Official GDP per head is demonstrably failing to reflect the true lived experience in the economy

How could a reduction in working time benefit our economy?

Alfie Stirling on talkRADIO

UK workers could be owed a significant holiday

Increases in leisure time have decoupled from productivity increases

Councils in Crisis

Local Government austerity 2009/10 - 2024/25

How could more paid holiday help to boost the economy?

Alfie Stirling on talkRADIO

Time for demand

Boosting productivity with public investment, minimum wages and paid holiday

What will be the impact of a no-deal Brexit on the economy?

Alfie Stirling on talkRADIO

Changing the fiscal rules

Unlocking public investment for a Green New Deal

How could a 4-day week boost the economy?

Alfie Stirling for the Chris Moyles Show on Radio X

Tackling the productivity puzzle: A higher minimum wage and a 4-day week

The ‘productivity puzzle’ is one of the great enigmas of the UK’s post crisis economy. Could radical demand-side solutions be part of the solution?

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