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The case for universal basic services

A new book out this month sets out a plan for transforming public services.

Investment in public services is an investment in social infrastructure

Universal basic services could offer a new way of meeting needs

Paying for public services should be treated as investment in infrastructure

Anna Coote writes for Times Red Box

Universal basic income: new study finds little evidence that it can live up to its promise

Research reviews 16 projects across the globe

Universal basic income: the debate continues

What about a collective alternative, asks Anna Coote

Health as a Social Movement: Theory into Practice

Six vanguard sites across the UK are working to transform their communities

There are fairer ways to spread prosperity than universal basic income

Better alternatives include universal public services and a minimum income guarantee

Are universal public services the answer to Europe’s widening inequalities?

New study suggests that extending public services would combat rising inequality and strengthen social cohesion.

The people, the commons and the public realm

How can we take control of the resources we need to survive?

Building a new social commons

The people, the commons and the public realm

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