Annie Quick

Annie Quick led NEF's work on wellbeing and inequality at the New Economics Foundation for many years. Annie has had a number of media appearances, including Channel 4 and Sky News as well as local radio stations and regularly delivers public speaking engagements. Her background is in social epidemiology.

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How to close the gender pay gap for real

The latest rules on reporting the gender pay gap are welcome, but they miss the bigger picture

To understand Brexit Britain, use better statistics

Mainstream measures aren't reflecting real life experience

Forget GDP – these are the numbers that matter

The latest GDP figures are out today - but these don't reflect the reality of life for most people. We should be measuring the progress of the economy by looking at improvements in peoples’ lives, whilst the government should be focusing on creating decent, secure and well paid jobs.

Inequality is tearing us apart, and it’s all of our responsibility to fix it

An insight into the true picture behind the latest statistics about inequality in the UK.

Looking through the wellbeing kaleidoscope

Results from the European Social Survey

Good jobs in Northern Ireland

Tackling inequality and poverty at root in Northern Ireland

A third runway is no way to sustainable, equitable wellbeing

Talking wellbeing

Engaging people in the wellbeing policy-making process

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