Annie Quick

Annie Quick led NEF's work on wellbeing and inequality at the New Economics Foundation for many years. Annie has had a number of media appearances, including Channel 4 and Sky News as well as local radio stations and regularly delivers public speaking engagements. Her background is in social epidemiology.

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Does new economics need wellbeing?

Without a power analysis, wellbeing economics misses the mark

Introducing…wellbeing inequality

The measure that gets to the heart of who the economy is really working for

Measuring wellbeing inequality

What are the appropriate indicators of wellbeing inequality?

New research: London’s transport gig economy grows by 82% since 2010

Number employed in transport sector has fallen by 9%.

New Economics Foundation welcomes new executive pay plans as vital first step”

New government pay plans are an important first step towards tackling inequality

Five reasons why we can’t stop worrying about inequality

The headlines don’t tell the real story

Who controls the robots? Men.

There's a power imbalance in the world of tech and it needs to be disrupted

We need to talk about wealth

Politicians have dodged the question for too long

Social care, inflation and housing: this morning’s paper review

NEF's Annie Quick appeared on Sky News this morning to discuss the top stories of the day.

Watch NEF’s Annie Quick on Channel 4 News discuss the latest inflation figures

The squeeze on households across Britain continues.

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