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Principal Director, Policy & Government

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Theresa May on Brexit: what she said and what it means

We deconstruct the Prime Minister's heavily trailed Brexit speech.

The impact of Brexit on Britain’s finances

The need for a new economy has never been more urgent

Weekly Economics Podcast: Really Take Control

How do we build an economy that puts real people and experiences first?

We own RBS. Let’s make it work for us

We already have the solution to our broken banking system

We need a new industrial strategy

Christine Berry, Principal Director for Policy & Government, interviewed for BBC Newsnight

Our friends in the city

Our banking system is still dangerously dysfunctional. Post-crisis reforms failed to fully address the risks posed by the City of London, and with banks back in the driving seat, these reforms are already being rolled back. We cannot afford a return to business as usual.

Revealed: how corporations captured our democracy

Threat to democracy

The impact of ‘better regulation’ in the UK

Financial System Resilience Index

Our Financial System Resilience Index, based on insights from complexity science, reveals that the UK’s resilience declined dramatically in the 2000s to levels far below those of other leading industrial economies. Despite some marginal improvements since the crisis of 2008, without major structural changes our financial system remains at risk of future crisis.

Wellbeing in four policy areas

Report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing Economics

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