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Building the social homes we need

Solving the land and capacity challenges

Power and accountability in the digital economy

Data and big tech companies have more and more power. As the digital economy develops, we need to put people and society at the centre.

Protection before profit

Principles for the new data economy

One year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we need to beef up responsibility for algorithms

We have choices about the digital future that we want.

Digital self-control

Algorithms, accountability, and our digital selves

£1.2 million of Walthamstow residents’ high interest debt cancelled

This project sheds light on the shadowy market where our debt is bought and sold

Demanding a right to repair’

Companies are creating products that aren't designed to be fixed.

Blocking the data stalkers

Going beyond GDPR to tackle power in the data economy

Disrupting the climate

What’s the role of the tech world in preventing climate chaos?

Digital power players

The problem and the power of tech monopolies

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