Frank van Lerven

Senior Economist

Frank is currently leading NEF’s work on greening central banks and monetary policy.

Frank specialises in issues related to money, finance, and banking, and joins NEF from Positive Money, where he was the senior researcher. His background is in development economics and political economy.

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Reshaping finance for a 1.5C world

What the Bank of England needs to do for a green transition

Credit where it’s due

Ten years after the Lehman collapse, finance still hasn't been fixed

How markets became masters

The neoliberal roots of deregulation

A deregulatory agenda is sweeping across Europe

And it’s putting markets above people and the planet

Ending the fiscal-monetary tug-o-war

The UK’s two most influential economic institutions are pulling in opposite directions. History suggests it’s time for the Treasury to take advantage of the fiscal potential the Bank of England affords it.

The local banking toolkit

A practical guide to starting a regional community bank

Central banks should lead by example on transparency and climate change

Over 50 NGOs have called on central banks to walk the talk when it comes to transparency and tackling climate change.

The UK is investing more abroad than it’s receiving in return

New figures from the OECD show a worrying signal of falling confidence in the UK economy

The Green Supporting Factor

Should we reduce capital requirements for low-carbon lending?

Green central banking in emerging market and developing country economies

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