Frank van Lerven

Senior Economist

Frank is currently leading NEF’s work on greening central banks and monetary policy.

Frank specialises in issues related to money, finance, and banking, and joins NEF from Positive Money, where he was the senior researcher. His background is in development economics and political economy.

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Changing the fiscal rules

Unlocking public investment for a Green New Deal

Central banks waking up to climate change

The Bank of England is adopting NEF's recommendation to disclose climate risk

Government attempts to live within its means’ encourages UK households living beyond theirs

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Setting a dangerous precedent

What can finance teach us about the risks of deregulation?

Greening the banks

The Bank of England is taking climate change seriously

Who’s pulling the strings?

Uncovering a tale of deregulation in the EU

Climate finance: our planet is too big to fail

Do we need a climate bailout?

The Bank of England can lead in the fight against climate change

60 academics are calling on the Bank to become the first European central bank to decarbonise its monetary operations

Beyond helicopter money: ending the fiscal-monetary tug-o-war

A historical review of fiscal-monetary coordination to support economic growth in the 20th century

A government is not a household

Claims of ending austerity ring hollow, until we do away the ‘household fallacy’

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