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Beyond helicopter money: ending the fiscal-monetary tug-o-war

A historical review of fiscal-monetary coordination to support economic growth in the 20th century

Central banks, climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy

Central banks should use their power to support low-carbon transition

Banking and finance: the missing pieces

Election debate has bypassed vital issues

How to fix the housing crisis: Take land seriously

Targets for building new homes will not be met if we fail to address the broken land market.

Britain’s housing crisis: how did we get here?

Our new book rethinks the economics of land and housing

Exposed: the banks’ £23bn hidden subsidy

Who really controls our money? And how do we make it work for us?

Making money from making money

Who has control over the supply of new money and what benefits does it bring?

2017: A stormy year ahead for central banks

A look ahead at what is in store for central banks in 2017 following Bank of England Governor Mark Carney's questioning by Treasury select committee

The impact of monetary policy on inequality is not high on the central bank’s list of considerations”

Senior Economist Josh Ryan-Collins writes for the New Statesman

The financialisation of UK homes

The housing crisis, land and the banks

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