Laurie Macfarlane


Laurie Macfarlane is Economics Editor at openDemocracy and Head of Finance at the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose. Prior to this Laurie was Senior Economist at the New Economics Foundation. He is the co-author of the critically acclaimed book 'Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing', which was listed by Financial Times as one of the best economics books of 2017.

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New economics are the method: the goal is to change the world

One set of economic ideas has dominated for the past 40 years - but it's rapidly losing legitimacy.

How to fix the housing crisis: Take land seriously

Targets for building new homes will not be met if we fail to address the broken land market.

Why the Bank of Mum and Dad is another sign of trouble in our housing market

Britain's broken housing is driving a wedge between generations

Brexit and the banks: who stands to gain?

Deregulation has been disastrous for our economy. We can't let it get worse.

Who controls the new £1 coin?

There's more to money than physical cash

5 things Philip Hammond forgot to mention in his Budget

The Chancellor dodged Britain's biggest issues

Meet Trump’s new best friends on Wall Street

Trump has let Wall Street loose – and it could have dire consequences for us in the UK

Making money from making money

Who has control over the supply of new money and what benefits does it bring?

RBS is not the only victim of its reckless behaviour

Last survivor of Britain's trustee savings banks set to close down.

4 reasons a tax haven Brexit is bad news for Britain

A low-tax, low-standards economy will jeopardise generations of progress.

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