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What lies beneath

How to fix the broken land system at the heart of our housing crisis

Co-operatives unleashed

Doubling the size of the UK's co-operative sector

How the broken land market drives our housing crisis

Landowners have too much power over what gets built in our communities.

3 challenges the Spring Statement should address

Philip Hammond has been downplaying tomorrow’s Statement, but now is not the time to shy away from tackling the UK’s problems

Housing crisis: big speeches, small steps

Clampdown on planning loopholes is welcome, but housebuilding cannot be left to private developers

IWD2018: 4 examples of fearless women working for change

This International Women's Day, four members of NEF staff celebrate the women who inspire them

Why are profit-making factories closing across England?

There are more than 660,000 fewer people working in manufacturing in England than there were in 2005. But these plants are profitable – and their closure should be avoidable.

Half of UK’s wealth rests on shaky foundations: a new approach to land and housing is urgent

The rapid growth of land wealth has been driven by financial speculation.

Four reasons why Help to Buy should be scrapped, not extended

Help to Buy is more likely to help those on higher incomes than struggling young renters

Leave to care: a first step to a fair system?

Overdue recognition – but the proposals come with limitations

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