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Britain’s new mayors must deliver real prosperity

An important step for devolution, but big challenges lie ahead

This election is about Brexit — don’t kid yourself otherwise

The phrase "taking back control" will come under scrutiny like never before.

Weekly Economics Podcast: Power and Devolution

Latest episode of our award winning podcast - subscribe on iTunes!

Brexit and beauty products: why standards matter

The standards which keep our make up safe from toxic chemicals could be under threat

European elections: what to look out for in 2017

Social democracy is in disarray across the continent

Trump just defined the nature of a UK-US trade deal

Trump's order strips back regulations upholding safety standards - in a move which echoes the UK's downwards direction.

Weekly Economics Podcast: Really Take Control

How do we build an economy that puts real people and experiences first?

A step towards real control over Brexit

Now we need a proper, open and honest national debate

What does it take to really take control of our energy system?

Fracking’s about as far from locally-controlled energy as you can get

Who’s powering your community?

South London residents are taking control of their energy

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