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Why workers’ rights are good for the economy

A new index shows how greater economic democracy leads to more prosperity.

From a tug to a kicking

One year on from Donald Trump’s victory, have we learnt any lessons?

Weekly Economics Podcast: Did Economics Swing the Election?

What role did the economy really play and what are the economic consequences of the result?

Britain’s new mayors must deliver real prosperity

An important step for devolution, but big challenges lie ahead

This election is about Brexit — don’t kid yourself otherwise

The phrase "taking back control" will come under scrutiny like never before.

Weekly Economics Podcast: Power and Devolution

Latest episode of our award winning podcast - subscribe on iTunes!

Brexit and beauty products: why standards matter

The standards which keep our make up safe from toxic chemicals could be under threat

European elections: what to look out for in 2017

Social democracy is in disarray across the continent

Trump just defined the nature of a UK-US trade deal

Trump's order strips back regulations upholding safety standards - in a move which echoes the UK's downwards direction.

Weekly Economics Podcast: Really Take Control

How do we build an economy that puts real people and experiences first?

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