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Weekly Economics Podcast: Populism (Live) with Jonathan Smucker & Chantal Mouffe

Special episode of our award winning podcast

Who’s pulling the strings?

Uncovering a tale of deregulation in the EU

The government is forcing fracking on communities who have rejected it

Nothing says ‘Green GB Week’ like the start of a whole new fossil fuel industry.

What conversations about Cambridge Analytica are missing

There is a bogeyman here – but it isn't the consulting firm

Weekly Economics Podcast: Middletown, America’ with Gary Younge

Latest episode of our award winning podcast – subscribe on iTunes!

Three things we learned about how people see the economy

Key findings from Framing the Economy

Framing the Economy

How to win the case for a better system

Why workers’ rights are good for the economy

A new index shows how greater economic democracy leads to more prosperity.

From a tug to a kicking

One year on from Donald Trump’s victory, have we learnt any lessons?

Weekly Economics Podcast: Did Economics Swing the Election?

What role did the economy really play and what are the economic consequences of the result?

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