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Re-energising manufacturing

Industrial policy for renewables manufacturing in Scotland

Moving beyond Brexit: an agenda for national renewal

The vote to leave the EU should have been a wakeup call. Instead, we’re three years on and little has changed.

Brexit, the US and Turkey, the climate crisis

NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh on LBC Radio

It’s time to decide our climate futures

There is a spectrum of possibilities open to us, from collectively decarbonising the economy to ecofascism and climate apartheid.

A Green New Deal — a radical response to the climate crisis

NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh on Sky News

The accidental privatisation of fishing quota has hurt coastal communities

With a new Fisheries Bill we can change this

Netting zero

What does a just transition look like for our fishing industry?

Visions for a zero carbon economy from two generations of climate activists

Jamie Margolin and Ann Pettifor share their motivations for fighting climate chaos

Fishing quotas: it’s not just the size of the pie

Sustainable fishing and a just transition

Which planet is the Chancellor living on?

Government spending plans are failing to scale up the climate emergency response

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