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Recession ready: green planning to beat tomorrow’s downturn, 16 January

With so much uncertainty on the horizon, join NEF to find out how we should prepare for the next economic downturn.

The British Government is Fuelling Climate Disaster

Christiane Heisse, Elena Luciano Suastegui and Yasmina Yehia write for Tribune

Landing the blame: overfishing in the Baltic Sea 2020

Uncovering the EU member stats most responsible for setting fishing quotas above scientific advice

A Green New Deal is Possible

Frank Van Lerven and Margaret Welsh write for Tribune

Trust in transition

Climate breakdown and high carbon workers

Five ways to fund a Green New Deal

We can afford it. We can't afford not to.

What cost the Earth?

Alfie Stirling and Mathew Lawrence write for OpenDemocracy

Freedom of movement, the climate emergency, the Brexit Party and armed forces pledges

NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh on BBC 2 Politics Live

Build 3m social homes, spend 2% of GDP to fight climate crisis & invest £75bn in minimum income protection and UBS to kick-start economic transformation

New Economics Foundation calls on all parties to set out ambitious agenda in this election to fix the UK’s broken economy

New rules for the economy

Three missions to transform our failing economic system

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