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Watch: Fishing after Brexit: voices from the coast

The majority of the UK fleet is small-scale, but their desires are rarely heard

The accidental privatisation of marine life

How the way we manage our fisheries is undermining our chances of sustainability

Fair, sustainable fishing

We are working to end overfishing and support low-impact fishers

Fisheries management costs

How the expense of Scottish fisheries management can be sustainably funded

Landing the blame

Uncovering the EU member states most responsible for setting fishing quotas above scientific advice

Trying to stay afloat

Coastal communities in the UK: a vision for starting up, not shutting down

Fisheries White Paper: who is this for?

Our response to the government's plan

A fair and sustainable fisheries bill

Without action, Brexit risks creating as many ‘losers’ as ‘winners’ across the diverse UK fishing fleet

The new fisheries policy that wasn’t

The Government should be looking to design a fisheries policy to work in the public interest

Fish Dependence Day 2018

The reliance of the EU on fish from elsewhere

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