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Landing the blame: overfishing in the Atlantic 2018

Uncovering the EU Member States most responsible for setting fishing quotas above scientific advice

Change on the coast

A new partnership between NEF and Local Trust will put coastal communities in control of their future.

Landing the blame: overfishing in the Baltic 2018

Which member states are setting quotas above scientific advice?

Watch: Blue New Deal: building better coastal economies

NEF has been working with the fishing community in Eastbourne to take real control of their future

Graham’s story: how a community took control

How NEF worked with an Eastbourne community to build a better coastal economy

World Fisheries Day: the grim prognosis for fishing post-Brexit

Promises made to the UK's small boats are likely to prove hollow

Weekly Economics Podcast: Will Brexit boost Britain’s fishing industry?

Latest episode of our award winning podcast - subscribe on iTunes!

Brexit poses severe threat to Britain’s fishing communities’

EU departure likely to will see some fishers – mainly small boats – do far worse than others.

Not in the same boat

The economic impact of Brexit across UK fishing fleets

Don’t treat fishing in isolation

How Michael Gove’s proposal could give us less control of fisheries, not more

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