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Lab-grown food: We need a just transition, not a tech-led disruption

Where are the farmers in ‘farm-free’ food?

Deregulation: why the drugs don’t work

Putting profits above people is making us all sick

Forget Hard vs Soft Brexit, the new division in government is between trade liberals and protectionists

And nowhere is this more obvious than in farming

What is the public good anyway?

For farming subsidies to create a resilient food system we need to direct our attention to local economies.

Why chickens matter

The latest argument about US-UK trade shows how Brexit threatens our cherished standards

Farming after Brexit: Fraught with danger

A new agricultural settlement post-Brexit must support small farmers and build vibrant local economies.

The UK food system after Brexit

Migrant workers are essential to our food system in the UK. So what will be the consequences post-Brexit?

Change your diet, change the world?

A change in your diet in 2017 for health can also benefit animals and the planet

Tapeworms for lunch?

Why parasites could be in for a comeback

Weekly Economics Podcast: is farming destroying nature?

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