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A wait and see’ Budget, when we need an economic reboot

NEF response to today’s Budget

Get rich or die trying: the case for a new politics of time

Is free time a better measure of economic success than GDP?

Theresa May’s promise to end austerity is empty

NEF projections show squeeze set to continue

How markets became masters

The neoliberal roots of deregulation

Ending the fiscal-monetary tug-o-war

The UK’s two most influential economic institutions are pulling in opposite directions. History suggests it’s time for the Treasury to take advantage of the fiscal potential the Bank of England affords it.

The UK is investing more abroad than it’s receiving in return

New figures from the OECD show a worrying signal of falling confidence in the UK economy

GDP growth of any kind is no longer leading to higher real wages

Today's GDP estimates from the ONS are again disappointing, and fall far short of what would be expected from a healthy economy.

Total pay has reached lowest monthly level in two years

The everyday economy

We hosted a discussion with Rachel Reeves MP on how we can create a new political economy that bridges our divides

Three things we learned about how people see the economy

Key findings from Framing the Economy

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