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Watch: Austerity: it’s not over yet

The government is planning further austerity by stealth

Government plans further austerity by stealth’

New analysis from NEF shows services with no current spending protections could see further real-terms cuts of 2.1% after 2020

Austerity by stealth?

Options for the Chancellor at the coming spending review

Sustainable social care

What role for community business?

Parent-led childcare

Combining the skill of professional workers with the lived experience of families

Universal basic income: the debate continues

What about a collective alternative, asks Anna Coote

4 areas for investing in a healthy NHS

It's clear the NHS needs more funding. But what should the money be used for?

A vision for the NHS at 80

A health and care system we can all be proud of

Top 15% of taxpayers should fill NHS funding gap, think tank suggests

NEF proposes levying £11.1bn for NHS through reform to National Insurance Contributions

Out of Contract

A step-by-step guide for the process of contracting in local authorities

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