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Councils in Crisis

Local Government austerity 2009/10 - 2024/25

It will take up to 11 years for the Government to reverse austerity

New NEF analysis shows that it will take between one and two parliaments to reverse austerity completely at current rate

Public sector workers to get above-inflation pay rise’

NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh on Sky News and BBC News

Imagining a new social contract

Our public services and social security safety net are in tatters. Here's how to rebuild them.

Investment in public services is an investment in social infrastructure

Universal basic services could offer a new way of meeting needs

Paying for public services should be treated as investment in infrastructure

Anna Coote writes for Times Red Box

Universal basic income: new study finds little evidence that it can live up to its promise

Research reviews 16 projects across the globe

Government attempts to live within its means’ encourages UK households living beyond theirs

NEF analysis of the latest stats reveal another hidden cost of austerity

Universal Basic Income only goes so far — free public services are essential too

Alfie Stirling writes for The Guardian

Weekly Economics Podcast: What’s really making the NHS sick?

Latest episode of our award winning podcast – subscribe on iTunes!

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