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Universal basic income: the debate continues

What about a collective alternative, asks Anna Coote

Disrupting together

The challenges (and opportunities) for platform co-operatives

A better gig

Car services in West Yorkshire and the potential for platform cooperatives

Will apps help carers find decent work?

Carers are the original gig economy workers. Can more tech solutions help?

Take back technology

Technology is putting workers under greater surveillance and stress. But it can also empower.

Who watches the workers?

New technology can shift power to workers, but also means employers can more easily track their employees

Deliveroo workers fight for justice

Legal ruling will impact on employment rights throughout gig economy

Stressed economy, stressed society, stressed NHS

Stress is taking its toll on our society and costing the NHS over 165,000 bed days per year with a cost to the public of £71.1 million.

2,500 supply-chain jobs at risk in Sainsbury’s-Asda merger

New analysis shows that the price cuts passed on to suppliers will impact on jobs

Weekly Economics Podcast: Universal Basic Income or Universal Basic Services?

Latest episode of our award winning podcast – subscribe on iTunes!

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