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Tackling the productivity puzzle: A higher minimum wage and a 4-day week

The ‘productivity puzzle’ is one of the great enigmas of the UK’s post crisis economy. Could radical demand-side solutions be part of the solution?

The Future of Working Time: Organising and Strategy, 7 May

Workshop on organising around time in the workplace

Why gender pay inequality is a structural issue

Alice Martin responds to gender pay gap figures

Why the four-day week could help solve Britain’s inequality problem

Aidan Harper writes for The Guardian

The fight for shorter working hours

We’re facing a number of crises in our workplace – reducing working hours is part of the solution

Weekly Economics Podcast: How to shockproof the economy

Latest episode of our award-winning podcast – subscribe on iTunes!

Scrap personal allowance and replace with a new weekly cash payment

New Economics Foundation proposes the creation of a new Weekly National Allowance for all adults earning under £125,000 a year

Nothing personal

Replacing the personal tax allowance with a Weekly National Allowance

International Women’s Day 2019: What could a zero-carbon economy mean for women?

A truly just transition must incorporate gender justice.

Average weekly hours fell faster between 1946 and 1979 than post-1980

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