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A shorter working week is in reach

Unions and businesses are backing the movement to cut working time

A shorter working week

Reducing the time we spend at work to provide more time for life

Achieving a shorter working week in the UK

The case for a shorter working week

Our fetishisation of overwork Is harming us and the economy

Aidan Harper writes for Huffington Post

Working together for a just transition

Delivering good green jobs in the UK

Five reasons why NEF supports the 4 Day Week Campaign

Reducing the hours we work can help future-proof the economy and the environment.

Solidarity in action

Precarious workers shared advice and experience of organising their workplaces

Watch: Cum sa castigi la locul de munca

Cum să câștigi la locul de muncă, să te alături și să devii activ în cadrul unui sindicat

Watch: Los trabajadores están ganando

Cómo ganar en el trabajo uniéndose y activándose en un sindicato

Watch: Winning at work

How to win at work by joining and getting active in a trade union

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