Weekly Economics Podcast: The future of social care after Coronavirus

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith is joined by NEF head of social policy Sarah Bedford

10,000 care home residents have died from Covid-19, more than a third of all Covid-19 deaths. On Wednesday it was reported that the death toll is likely to be double the official figure. The death rate amongst social care staff is double that of the general working age population. So the big question is; what’s gone wrong with social care?

On this episode Ayeisha is joined by Sarah Bedford, head of social policy at NEF, to talk about coronavirus and social care.

References in this episode:

We care workers face a terrible decision: risk people’s lives or go without pay. Guardian Opinion, 08/​05/​20
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If you’re desperate for more, we’ll be following up this discussion in an online briefing over Zoom on Thursday 21 May. We’ll be talking to Sarah again, as well as Unison Organiser Conor McGurran, Emeritus Professor of Economics at The Open University Sue Himmelweit and Founder of Equal Care Co-op Emma Back. Register for your place here.

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