The International Struggle for Universal Healthcare

Join NEF and Patients not Passports to discuss what the UK can learn from these international and historical struggles for universal healthcare to organise and win.

Watch our online call with the Patients not Passports coalition, featuring Irene Rodriquez, Nurse and Campaigner, Yo Si Sanidad Universal, Ella Johnson, Independent Researcher, Kathryn Medien, Lecturer, Open University, and Daniel Button, Senior Researcher, NEF.

A new report by the New Economics Foundation and the Patients not Passports coalition shows that the struggle for universal healthcare is not unique to the NHS in the present moment. Similar restrictions on migrants’ access to healthcare have been advanced by Governments across Europe, and have been tried before in the NHS’s past. But these policies have been met by strong resistance and opposition, with coordinated campaigns successfully organising against them.

What can we learn from other campaigns that have successfully fought for the principle of universal healthcare for all, regardless of immigration status? How can we organise collectively to ensure that the NHS is accessible for everyone? How can we win the fight against racism, discrimination and the scapegoating of migrants that excludes migrants and BME communities from public services?

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