Public sector pay freeze, Windrush scandal, Priti Patel, foreign aid cut, Covid restrictions and tax rises

Miatta Fahnbulleh on Iain Dale, Cross Question

Miatta responded to the latest news headlines along with Harriet Baldwin MP, Pat McFadden MP and ex-SPAD Peter Cardwell.

Public Sector pay freeze

Miatta argues that both the chancellor’s announcement on public sector pay is both morally wrong and bad economics.

Windrush scandal

Miatta agrees with the EHRC report that the Windrush scandal is a stain on British history’ and that we still haven’t learnt the lessons from this.

Priti Patel inquiry

Miatta criticises the prime minister’s lack of action in this inquiry and says if Patel has broken the ministerial code, she should go.

Foreign aid cut

Miatta says while we’re facing an huge economic hit due to Covid, that hit is far more painful for many countries in the Global South so it is wrong for government to be cutting aid.

Easing of Covid restrictions

With a vaccine in sight and the high risk of a third spike of infections if restrictions are eased, Miatta suggests that the government should be prioritising suppressing the virus over the next few months.

Tax rises

Miatta states that the priority now is to support our economic recovery but when we do start to think about consolidating the books, it’s critical we do that in a progressive way.

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